Flooded Car Park & Flood Water Removal Services.

Emergency Flood Water Sucking & Removal

Is your office or works car park or yard flooded?

Then You need QUICK Drains Emergency Flood response service.

Our vacuum tankers are capable of sucking 8000 litres of water in one load and our vehicles are equipt with high and low pressure jets to allow unblocking and cleaning.

our experienced staff are at hand 24/7 and able to deal with car park flooding.

Flooded Carparks can trap vehicles and create a dangerous situation for people who decide to attempt to walk through the water

Flood water can be highly contaminated or even toxic. You will not always be able to see these contaminants or hazards, so it is important that flooded car parks are dealt with promptly may even cause flood damage so it is important that when dealing with a flooded car park you get a quick response.

For a fast response to all your car park flooding needs Quick Drains are at hand to remedy your flooding. Problem.