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Salford Drain Unblocking, CCTV Inspection, High Pressure Jetting, Tree Root in Drain Removal, Drain Repairs, Drain Installation, Flood water removal, Burst Pipes Leaks and Emergency Plumbing Faults.


We are Friendly Family Run Salford Drainage Company, Professional & Reliable !

All aspects of Drain Unblocking, Drain Repairs, Drain installation and Waste Water Removal. 

QUICK DRAINS Salford Drain Unblocking Service Include:

Drain Unblocking, Drain Cleaning, Drain Repairs, Roots in Drain Cutting, CCTV Survey & Inspection, High Pressure Jetting, Grease Traps, Macerator & Saniflo Servicing & Repairs, Blocked Toilets, Showers, Sinks, Baths, Flood Relief, Vacuum Tanker Services, Storm Drain Maintenance, Gulley Sucking, Waste Water Removal.

Emergency Plumber Salford & Drainage Engineers Salford 24/7

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Our Customers just need a fast and friendly Local Plumber or Drainage Company they can trust to do the job right, Reliable, Punctual, Honest, Professional and at the right price !!!

Need a Drain Unblocking Quickly in Salford ?

Blocked or clogged drain in Salford ?

Unpleasant smells ?

Gurgling sounds coming from your drain ?

Toilet Slow to drain or Toilet Backing up ?

Effluent coming out of the drain ?

Waste water flooding back garden ?

In or around Salford ?

Drain Unblocking Salford

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Quick Drains are your Local Independent Drainage Company with over 20 years of experience in blocked drains and unblocking blocked drains in Salford and have been completing drain unblocking services for many years.

We don't just do drain unblocking! We Specialise in all aspects of drainage Installation, maintenance and repair works which includes unblocking drains in Salford and have been completing drain unblocking services for over 20 years.

WEVE GOT YOU COVERED, if you are in our service area we deliver the fastest and best possible service to all our customers 24/7

Quick Drains has over 20+ years of experience unblocking and unclogging drains of all types.
Our expert technicians are the best choice when you need fast and trustworthy emergency blocked drain services in Salford.

We are available to assist you 24/7 and our skilled technicians are qualified to perform all types of plumbing repairs and other services in Homes, Flats, Apartments, Commercial and Industrial Buildings and Businesses.

All plumbing systems in Salford develop clogs and blockages at some point.

The vast majority of the time its just the build up of common items that go through the drain such as hair, grease, food, or toilet tissue. But more often than not it is wet wipes that we find blocks most drains.

Overtime these items start to block the pipes and cause blocked drains. Don't worry though because no matter what your drain and sewer problems Quick Drains Salford is here to help and has the expertise to deal with them all!

Clogged Drain and Blocked Drain Services in Salford

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If your drains are blocked, backing up, or smelling bad, this can be stressful!
Upon arriving, your local Quick Drains Engineer can determine what the problem is, then quickly get rid of the cause.

Quick Drains drain cleaning technicians are highly skilled and always come equipped with the right tools for the job. We have simple tools for simple problems and high-powered tools such as a high-pressure water jet for more complicated drain problems.

With over 20 years of experience, we guarantee that the job is done right the first time.

Drain Unblocking Methods

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Drain Rodding Salford

  • The process of rodding a drain or drain rodding involves attaching multiple rods together and pushing them down your drain to remove blockages. After rodding, the drains can be flushed with a garden hose to clear any debris fully.

Drain Mechanical Auger, Cabling or Snaking Salford

  • A drain snake, also known as an Auger, is typically the first attempt to rid your drain pipes of built up sludge, food, hair, or other common drain blocking items. Drain snakes can also be used to remove tree roots from big drain and sewer pipes too. A drain snake is a long flexible metal coil that is inserted into drain pipes while it is spun at high speeds in an effort to remove obstructions in the pipe.

Drain High Pressure Water Jetting Salford

  • This method can be used for more troublesome jobs and involves using powerful water pumps that shoot high pressure water through flexible hoses that are ran through your drain and sewer pipes. A specialised nozzle is mounted on the end of the hose which concentrates high pressure water on the walls of the pipes and flushes them out. This is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to clean drain pipes and it can flush debris out of even the most clogged of pipes.

Emergency Vacuum Tanker Salford

  • Quick Drains fleet of vehicles includes a Vacuum Tanker. This equipment offers the cleanest method of working on a charged drain. We are Able to suck all of the waste water from the drain into our large tank on our vehicle. In some cases this is necessary to prevent flooding and is most commonly used in conjunction with other methods of unblocking drains. If you have waste water flood caused by an over flowing drain then using a vacuum tanker to suck up the waste is the best option to keep the problem contained.

Local Drainage Company

You can rely on to get the job done right.

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If you have a problem with a blocked Outside Drain or a clogged Drain, Blockages bad smells, overflows, burst pipes or floods in Salford? We're here to help.

Blocked drains are never pleasant, starting with bad smells, slow draining sinks, gurgling toilets and before you know it, the toilet is blocked and sewage is everywhere.

We understand that when your toilet or drain is blocked, it is important for you to get it unblocked as quickly as possible, so we always aim to get to you as quickly as we can.

Emergency Plumber Salford & Drainage Engineers Salford 24/7

Call 0161 885 3775

You might think of using drain rods or chemicals to clear the blockage but a drain or toilet can be blocked for a range of reasons, and you might actually make it worse.

If you need us to come to your property in or around Salford to clear a blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked sink, shower or bath, give us a call on 0161 885 3775 or email info@quickdrains.co.uk. We're here to help.
Check out our 5 STAR reviews on CheckatradeYell.com and Trustatrader QUICK DRAINS Salford are your fast response blocked drain experts!

NO CALL OUT FEE Local Set Price Professional & Reliable Drain Unblocking Salford.

Ever wondered what to do if you have a blocked Drain in Salford ?

There are so many DIY methods of unblocking a drain, most of these can be found online and before calling Quick Drains we find some customers in Salford do try unblocking there drain themselves, maybe using off the shelf drain cleaning solutions, mops, drain rods etc before calling the professional drain cleaning company Quick Drains Salford.

We are Quick Drains Salford and can deal with your Blocked Drain Emergency 24 Hours a day.

Quick Drains Salford are accustomed to being the last line of defence but happy to say the very first choice of many Salford Residents and Businesses when it comes to salvaging a drainage problem or blocked Drain emergency in Salford we are a trusted business with excellent reviews.

Immediately after selecting Quick Drains Salford to take care of your Blocked Drain you will be soon assured of the professionalism and excellent customer service our drainage company and drain cleaning service has become well known for to customers in Salford. Our reputation and reliability backed up by our expert local drain knowledge of Drainage systems in Salford means that we can be trusted to undertake your drain unblocking job professionally, ensuring we are on time, friendly and competitively priced.

The Easy Answer is... Call the expert team at Quick Drains Salford 0161 885 3775 and allow us to take care of your blocked drain emergency.

Drain Blocked ? Blocked Drain ? Need a Drain Unblocker Service or Drain Repairs in Salford ?

Look No Further. Quick Drains have the tools and most advanced equipment

  • High Pressure Jetting Units
  • CCTV Survey Vehicles
  • High Volume Vacuum Tankers
  • Storm Drain Gulley Suckers
  • Manual and machine Drain Excavation Teams
  • Expert Drain Repair Engineers
  • Professional Reinstatement Teams
Above all we have expert local Salford Drain knowledge. These key attributes of Quick Drains Salford has been developed by the Quick Drains Salford Team. we find having the correct resources to professionally rectify any Drainage Problem you have in Salford is key to delivering the best drain unblocking Salford service.

Do You need Quick Drains Salford Drainage & Unblocking Services ?

Do you need your Drain Unblocking or a CCTV Inspection of your drains ?
Do You need your Drains Locating or Repairing ?
Do you have Tree Roots in your Drain ?
Do You Have a Collapsed Drain ?
or maybe you require an additional Drain or a complete new Drainage installation ?
Do you have a flood and require sewage or waste water removed quickly (Flood Relief) ?

What ever your drainage problem if your local to Salford or in and around the Salford area and are looking for a local Drainage Company servicing Salford then we can get your blocked Drains or drainage problem fixed and Flowing again in no time.

Family run Business - We pride ourselves on our reputation.

Being a family run Drainage Company We at Quick Drains Salford are here to deliver a service what you would expect to receive from a local Drain Unblocking Company or drain cleaning service,

  1. Expert local knowledge.
  2. Excellent customer service.
  3. Professional drainage engineers passionate about unblocking your drain and repairing your blocked drain problem.
  4. Superb Equipment.
We are here to Unblock Drains and fix your recurring Blocked Drain in Salford Problem, Same or next day and even weekends with NO CALL OUT FEES.

You get what you pay for when selecting the right tradesmen and drain unblocking company Salford.

Quick Drains Salford are a local Salford Drainage Company and have a wealth of experience with the drainage systems of all types of properties in and around the local Salford area. We never say we are the cheapest drain unblocking company in Salford but we do offer an experience of excellent customer care, Reliability, Quick Response and professionalism that you would expect from a Salford drainage company service provider, that is why all our vehicles proudly wear our company livery, our engineers are smartly uniformed, and all our operatives work direct for Quick Drains Salford, We utilise a job tracking system that allows all jobs to be processed and recorded on every visit to your property so we can monitor recurring issues and provide detailed reports and invoices for drain repairs that insurance companies require for there own records.

We began our Salford drainage company many years ago and are a family team of drainage engineer specialists. We are your experts to unblock Drains Salford.

Reliable, Professional, Punctual Salford Drainage Company.

Our Drainage company serves Salford and we aim in providing an unrivalled drain cleaning service to all customers in and around Salford areas, being a family business we strive to exceed the bigger companies by delivering exceptional personable service that is tailored to the drainage works needs of our Salford Customers whilst investing in the correct drain cleaning and repair equipment and training needed to compete with the bigger drain cleaning companies that simply can not deliver the same level of personable drain cleaning services Salford.

Call Quick Drains Salford Now 0161 885 3775

If you are looking for a Drainage Company Near Me and your in Salford, Quick Drains Salford has you covered.

Our set price structure means you will pay a fixed fee to unblock your drain. Our engineers knowledge and experience of unblocking drains in Salford means we have local knowledge of the drainage system and when you need a reliable drainage company in Salford this knowledge really is priceless.

From Drain Unblocking Services for Blocked drains we also offer CCTV Inspections, Drain Locating, Drain Repairs and Installations, Quick Drains is a company that puts the needs of our customers in Salford first and we are available around the clock to deliver our Drain Unblocking Salford Services 24 Hours a day 365 days a year.

Whether You need your drain unblocking someday or on a schedule we offer all Salford customers the very best in Drain Unblocking Services.

Our company prides on delivering an exceptional Drain Unblocking Service in Salford. Our customer feedback has inspired our service delivery and we have invested in the latest technology and equipment to exceed expectations, this investment ensures our Drain Unblocking Salford services are received professionally and at a very competitive price.

We work throughout Salford servicing both residential and Commercial properties our experience, our equipment and our expertise enables our Drain Unblocking Company to be the best choice for your Salford Blocked Drain.

for all residents of being responsive when you need drain unblocking services in Salford or surrounding areas you can be assured of the reliability of the service of Quick Drains.

Drain Repairs, Drain Installation, Drain CCTV Surveys, Drain Locating, Drain Jetting, Drain Unblocking and Vacuum Tanker Services in Salford is simply what we do best.

Having a drain emergency is where our business customer needs we serve all of Salford and surrounding areas providing drain unblocking services in Salford.

Drainage problems in Salford, Blocked Drains Salford and Drain Unblocking Salford are all jobs that Quick Drains undertake, Professionally offering an unrivalled Drain Unblocking service in Salford is what we at Quick Drains are passionate about.

Understand when you have a drainage Emergency the first thing you need is need a reliable Drainage company is a family run business servicing all areas including Salford.

Salford's Trusted Drain Clearance and Emergency Plumbing Expert! Call NOW 0161 885 3775

Same day Blocked Drain & Emergency Plumbing Services in SALFORD

Got a problem with a blocked or clogged drain, Drain blockages, bad smells, overflows or Floods in Salford? Check out our 5 STAR reviews on Checkatrade, Yell.com and Trustatrader QUICK DRAINS Salford are your blocked drain and emergency plumbing experts!

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